We invite you to a seminar of Martin Jakob from Germany. Born in 1965, practiced homeopathy since 1996 in private practice and since 2005 in practice with his brother.

He has published several remedy provings. His practical experience and insights from Jan Scholtens period and plant system he passes on in lectures and various publications, including in “South Africa Plant Experiences. A Homeopathic Journey “, a number of case studies in Jan Scholtens “Wonderful Plants“ and his contributions for “Spectrum of Homeopathy”.

Martin followed closely from the beginning the discoveries of Dr. Jan Scholten in systemathic homeopathy and applied them in his practice. Every year participated in the May Spring seminars of Jan Scholten in Utrecht and has participated in expeditions to exotic countries, where a group of homeopaths performed daily provings with native plants. Martin as one of the few mastered the thematic prescription method of Jan Scholten. In the book The Wonderful Plants, which became the foundation for modern systematic perception of plant kingdom, Martin has published a large number of cases.
In Bratislava Martin will share his rich experience with the new system of the plant kingdom. He will show us many of his videocases, spliting the whole system in it´s parts, showing in every case the most important part: Series, Phases, Subphases, Stage, to bring it back to a whole later.
It will be a special opportunity to practice the theme prescription by Jan Scholten and gain knowledge about single remedies and plant families on the basis of actual cases.


Ekonomická univerzita (University of Economics), Dolnozemská cesta 1, Bratislava. If you stay at hotel Nivy, take a bus at Bajkalska cesta (Bajkalska street) and descend from it at the first bus stop after crossing the Danube river. It is the same venue we used during the seminar of Jan Scholten. Economic university is on the opposit side of street Dolnozemska cesta as is a bus stop. We will be in the Old building of the Economic university. It´s one behind the new one. Auditorium B108.

Transportation notes:
Bratislava is a capital of Slovakia, easily accessed by car, train and airplane. The nearest international airport is Vienna airport in Schwechat, 50 km from Bratislava. From Schwechat airport 2 times in an hour departs a bus to Bratislava just in front of arrivals.

Time schedule:
2. 6. 2017: 12.00 – 19.30.00 (since 11:30 registration of participants)

3. 6. 2017: 9.00 – 18.00
4. 6. 2017: 9.00 – 14.00.

Seminar fee: 3-day seminar: 95,- EUR

Registration:Mobile:00421 905 501 798 (Dr. Vladimir Petroci)

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