LOUIS KLEIN – 3. – 5.11.2017

Dear colleagues, we would like to kindly invite you on homeopathic seminar with Louis Klein from Canada on 03rd – 05th November 2017 in Bratislava.New methods give new opportunities but also new frustrations but now you can jump start your understanding and practice by the enthusiastic clarity in this seminar!In this highly anticipated Master Seminar, Louis Klein will demonstrate how to successfully combine new systems with already learned methods and direct perceptions. Come and step into the flow of successful homeopathic prescribing.


Main topics of the seminar

  • Essence of individual orchids – using the Orchid Compendium- a list of orchids with important essences and information. ​​
  • The Pivotal Point in Case Taking
  • ​Zygophyllaceae, Poaceae, Solanaceae
  • ​Direct Prescribing with Mineral Salts
  • ​Unusual Animal Cases and Remedies
  • ​Norovirus and its chronic repercussions, Spirochetes, Borrelia and More
  • ​Spirochetes, Borrelia and More
  • ​Important Actinobacteria Nosodes In Chronic Heart Disease

Louis Klein has been teaching and practising homeopathy for over 35 years. His seminars are delightfully chocked full of information that is both immediately and practically applicable as well as part of the front edge of evolving homeopathy.

“I come from a clinical experience perspective. This informs my teaching and how you will get the information that is ready to use. Easier. Less confusion. Direct application and inspiration.My goal is to advance every homeopath’s ability to get the successful results they and their patients all crave. I am committed to advancing homeopathy and presenting this information and methodologies in a clear and accessible way.”“With so many new methods and lately, a remarkable amount of new information it’s hard to find a way of being at peace with homeopathy, while advancing your practice. My focus is always on the successful clinical application of any new material and that is what I will be helping with. I have found some useful insights that will assist you to get immediately up to speed or to continue the positive trajectory that you are already on.”I plan this to be one of the most beneficial seminars for the modern homeopath and I look forward to seeing you at this yearly gathering!”– Louis Klein FSHom


Location of seminar: University of Economics, Dolnozemská 1, 852 35 Bratislava

Hours of seminar: 3 days seminar, November 3rd – 5th, beginning at 12.00 Friday, registration since 11.00. Friday till 18.30. Saturday 9.00 – 18.30, Sunday 9.00 – 14.00


We can book an accommodation for you. We have an agreement with Hotel Aston​. If you would like to book for yourself, please, refer to my name Dr. Vladimir Petroci or our firm PETROCI s.r.o.).

Hotel Aston, www.hotelaston.sk. We advice this high quality 4 star hotel. During weekends (Friday till Sunday) there is a lower price compared to working days (Mo-Th), for us 45 € for a room (occupied by 1 or 2 persons) without breakfast and parking.

​​Seminar fee: 95 € (for 3 days).Seminar registration: petroci@gmail.com, Tel: 00421-905501798​​…………….

PREMIERE of the movie MAGIC PILLS by Ananda More​

On Friday ​Nov. 3rd ​​at 18:30 ​we´ll ​have a chance to see a new documentary movie about homeopathy – ​Magic Pills made by canadian homeopath Ananda More.​It´s a very good ​movie about clinical use of homeopathy in the world. It´s duration is 90 minutes. She shooted it ​in Africa, India, Canada, Europe, Cuba.​​

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