The screening of a new Canadian documentary Magic Pills will take place in Bratislava in the assembly hall at Ekonomická univerzita on 3rd November 2017 at 6.30 p.m.

The screening is sponsored/hosted by Slovak Chamber of Homeopaths.

Free entry.

A new documentary exploring the myths and the facts of homeopathic medicine brought to you by first-time filmmaker, Ananda More

Dear colleagues, we would like to kindly invite you on homeopathic seminar with Louis Klein from Canada on 03rd – 05th November 2017 in Bratislava.New methods give new opportunities but also new frustrations but now you can jump start your understanding and practice by the enthusiastic clarity in this seminar!In this highly anticipated Master Seminar, Louis Klein will demonstrate how to successfully combine new systems with already learned methods and direct perceptions. Come and step into the flow of successful homeopathic prescribing.

We invite you to the 3rd seminar of Michal Yakir in Slovakia dedicated to 2nd column of her table: Arales, Arecales (Monocots) and Hamamelids with orders Urticales, Hamamelidales, Juglandales, Fagales (Dicots).

Dr. Sehgal will share many quick tips for grasping best rubrics based on behaviour and words of patients. He will show his cancer patients cured by this method only.

We invite you to a seminar of Martin Jakob from Germany. Born in 1965, practiced homeopathy since 1996 in private practice and since 2005 in practice with his brother.