Just One Drop: A film about homeopathy screening announcement


The screening of Just One Drop: The History, the Mystery. The Controversy  will take place in Bratislava at Ekonomická univerzita on 7th April 2017 at 6.30 p.m.


The screening is sponsored/hosted by Slovak Chamber of Homeopaths.

Free entry.


Homeopathy is a specific form of medicine that uses minute doses of a highly diluted substance that stimulates the body to cure itself. To many, homeopathy seems implausible. They fear it is purely a placebo effect or worse: a form of deception or quackery.

“Homeopathy in psychiatry”

Dr William Suerinck from Marseille is a French psychiatrist treating his patients homeopathically with amazing results. His homeopathic education began to receive from his father, a homeopathic physician who was a student of Pierre Schmidt. Over the years, Dr. William Suerinck developed his own approach to the practice of homeopathy, synthesizing various streams of classical homeopathy, especially Sankaran´s and Masi´s approach. Dr. William Suerinck teaches in several French schools of homeopathy.

Dr. Jonathan Hardy continues his amazing series of seminars in Slovakia by explaining common themes and specific features of less known remedies from groups of molluscs and other remedies from the sea.